The rates depending on the escort you choose.

You can find the prices in the girls’ cards, just view each escorts’ profile by clicking on their picture in the gallery section.

We only accept cash in Pesos.

Our girls do not carry any change with them, so please be prepared with the exact amount.

In any case, no additional costs will be asked, full service is included in our rates.

If you want to tip or give them a gift, it’s up to you, this is not mandatory.


  • do not ask for the girls’ direct telephone number (the escort’s safety is the responsibility of the agency therefore we do not allow any direct dealing)
  • do not ask for a discount: our rates are calculated to allow the escorts to get a decent salary
  • if you have booked the girl for two hours and then decide that you want to stay with her another hour, ask the girl if she has the next hour free and you’ll pay the corresponding fee to her
  • if you have booked the girl for two hours and then send her away after an hour, you still have to pay the hours you booked
  • if you decide not to stay with your escort after letting her through your door, a transportation/cancellation fee of 1000 pesos is chargeable to cover transportation and the girl’s time. If she stays with you more than 10 minutes, the whole booking fee applies. 
  • Do not take any picture or video of the girls 
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